“The results that I have experienced with DermaTag have been much better than I had expected. This is the only skin tag removal treatment that has worked for me so thanks very much!”
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Specially formulated for fast & effective skin tag removal

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Kit contains everything needed for fast skin tag removal

Bottle features handy pad applicator for easy application

Plasters are supplied for extended or overnight treatment

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DermaTag kit
DermaTag kit is a fast working skin tag removal kit which contains everything needed for a fast and painless skin tag treatment. The DermaTag formula can be easily applied by using the bottles built in pad applicator or by using one of the supplied plasters. Both methods work very well and the results you achieve will be permanent. Cotton buds are supplied to clean the surrounding area and the kit also comes with an emery board for roughening up the skin tag before applying the formula. This ensures the formula penetrates the skin tag quicker for fast results.

Each DermaTag kit comes boxed and includes 11ml DermaTag formula with pad applicator, 1x emery board, 20x fabric plasters, 20x cotton buds and simple to understand instructions.

How it works:
The normal way a skin tag reacts to the treatment is it will first start to shrink as the blood supply is significantly reduced. It works faster if you continue to apply the formula at this stage. After further treatment the blood supply will be cut off completely and the skin tag will drop off or if it’s a small skin tag shrink so it’s no longer visible. For larger skin tags using the supplied plasters for extended and overnight treatment can help speed up results. Once the skin tag has been successfully removed the results achieved will be permanent.

Extended treatment:
For extended or overnight treatment using the supplied plasters can achieve quicker results. To use this method simply apply the formula to the plasters pad or apply the formula directly to the skin tag using the bottles applicator and then place the plaster over the skin tag. Leaving the plaster on for at least a few hours allows the skin tag to absorb more of the formula speeding up results. This method works well if you are treating a large skin tag.
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DermaTag - Skin tag removal kit

For extended treatment or overnight treatment use one of the supplied plasters. Apply the formula directly to the plaster and place over

the skin tag.

The DermaTag bottle features a fixed pad applicator. To remove a skin tag using the pad applicator remove it from the bottle and apply directly to the skin tag.

The skin tag normally has two stages of removal. The first stage of removal is the skin tag starts to shrink and significantly reduces in its size.

The second and final stage of skin tag removal. The skin tags blood supply has now been completely cut off and the skin tag will drop off.

Availability: In stock
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